Beef Chuck, Square-Cut -- Item No. 113 

Beef Chuck, Square-Cut, Divided -- Item No. 113A

Beef Chuck, Square-Cut, Neck-Off, 2 Piece, Semi Boneless -- Item No. 113C

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod -- Similar to Item No. 114

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod Roast -- Item No. 114A

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod Roast, Special -- Item No. 114B

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod, Trimmed -- Item No. 114C 

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod, Top Blade, Roast -- Item No. 114D 

Beef Chuck, Shoulder Clod, Arm Roast -- Item No. 114E 

Beef Chuck, Square-Cut, Boneless -- Item No. 115 

Beef Chuck, Arm-Out, Boneless -- Item No. 115B

Beef Chuck, Square-Cut, Neck-Off, Boneless -- Item No. 115C

Beef Chuck, Square-Cut, Clod-Out, Boneless -- Item No. 116

Beef Chuck, Chuck Roll -- Similar to Item No. 116A

Beef Chuck, Chuck Tender -- Item No. 116B 

Beef Chuck, Chuck Roll, Untrimmed -- Item No. 116C

Beef Chuck, Chuck Eye Roll -- Item No. 116D 

Beef Chuck, Under Blade Roast -- Item No. 116E

Beef Chuck, Armbone -- Item No. 125

Beef Chuck, Armbone, Boneless -- Item No. 126

Beef Chuck, Armbone, Clod-Out, Boneless -- Item No. 126A

Beef Chuck, Cross-Cut -- Item No. 127

Beef Chuck, Cross-Cut, Boneless -- Item No. 128

Beef Chuck, Short Ribs -- Item No. 130 

Beef Chuck, Short Ribs, Boneless -- Item No. 130A

Beef Chuck Clod Case Ready Trim (CRT) --

Beef Chuck Shoulder Tender --

Beef Chuck Shoulder Tender, Peeled --

Beef Chuck Roll --

Beef Chuck Neck Meat, Boneless --

Beef Chuck Shoulder Clod, Extra Trim --

Beef Chuck 2 PC, Boneless --

Beef Chuck Shoulder Tenders --

Beef Chuck Split Shoulder Clod, Extra Trim --

Beef Chuck Short Rib, Boneless -- 130

Beef Chuck Mock Tender Case Ready Trim (CRT) --

Beef Chuck Roll Case Ready Trim (CRT) --

Beef Chuck Roll Trimmed Neck Off, Boneless --

Beef Chuck 2PC, Boneless --

Beef Chuck XTTOP Neck Off, Semi Boneless --

Beef Chuck Top Blade --

Beef Shoulder clod --

Beef Shoulder Clod Trimmed 2pc --

Chuck Brisket/Foreshank Rib Plate Loin Flank Round

Item No. 130A Beef Chuck, Short Ribs, Boneless

This item is prepared from Item No. 130 and shall consist of the serratus ventralis muscle from the arm portion of the chuck. The ribs and intercostal muscles shall be removed. This item shall have at least four rib marks extending to the dorsal and ventral edge of the serratus ventralis muscle. This item shall be trimmed practically free of fat and shall be no less than 1/2 inch (13 mm) thick at any point.