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Latissimus dorsi

Common Name
Large deckle muscle
Whole Sale Section
Chuck, Rib
Spinous processes of lower five or six thoracic and the lumbar vertebrae, median ridge of sacrum, and outer lip of iliac crest
With teres major into posterior lip of bicipital groove of humerus
Adducts arm, rotates it medially, and extends it
Thoracodorsal nerve (from 8th cervical and 1st thoracic nerves).
Blood Supply
Subscapular, intercostal, and lumbar arteries.
Retail Cuts
Beef Rib Roast, Beef Rib Steak, Beef Rib Steak Boneless, Beef Chuck Arm Pot Roast, Beef Chuck Arm Steak
L* : 41.51
a* : 29.07
b* : 22.05
Pgment Conc. (Heme Iron) : 18.37
Processing Characteristics
Fat : 59.9
Moisture : 723.4
Protein : 204.4
Ash : 12.3
Shear Force
Dry : 10.8lbs
Moist : 11.4lbs
Connective tissue amount
Dry : Slight amount
Moist : Slight amount
Flavor intensity
Dry : Slightly intense
Moist : Moderately intense
Dry : Slightly juicy
Moist : Moderately juicy
Tenderness - Panel Scores for Tenderness (8 point scale)
Dry : 5.1
Moist : 5.86
Evaluated Tenderness
Dry : Slightly tender
Moist : Slightly tender