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Biceps femoris

Common Name
Bottom round, Gooseneck round, Outside Round, Top Sirloin Cap
Whole Sale Section
Round, Loin
1. The dorsal and lateral sacro-iliac ligaments, the gluteal and coccygeal fascia, and the intermuscular septum between this muscle and the semitendinosus; (2) the tuber ischii.
Posterior surface of the femur near the trochanter tertius; (2) the free (anterior) surface of the patella and the lateral patellar ligament; (3) the tibial crest; (4) the crural fascia and the tuber calcis.
Extends the hip, stifle, and hock joints; flexes the stifle when hind foot is lifted off ground.
Posterior gluteal nerve and the tibial division of the sciatic nerve.
Blood Supply
Gluteal, obturator, deep femoral and posterior femoral arteries.
Retail Cuts
Beef Round Steak, Beef Round Steak Boneless, Beef Round Heel of Round Roast, Beef Round Bottom Round Roast, Beef Round Bottom Round Steak, Beef Round Bottom Round Rump Roast
L* : 41.38
a* : 32.14
b* : 26.55
Pgment Conc. (Heme Iron) : 22.43
Processing Characteristics
Fat : 68.6
Moisture : 716.1
Protein : 202.4
Ash : 12.9
Shear Force
Dry : 9.9lbs
Moist : 10.7lbs
Connective tissue amount
Dry : Moderate amount
Moist : Slight amount
Flavor intensity
Dry : Slightly intense
Moist : Moderately intense
Dry : Slightly dry
Moist : Slightly juicy
Tenderness - Panel Scores for Tenderness (8 point scale)
Dry : 4.92
Moist : 5.67
Evaluated Tenderness
Dry : Slightly tough
Moist : Slightly tender