Serratus ventralis

Common Name
Under blade
Whole Sale Section
Chuck, Rib
Wing of the atlas joint through the upper part of the fifth rib.
Medial portion of ventral surface of the scapula.
Protracts and retracts the shoulder; flexes the neck when acting unilaterally.
Cervical nerves; long thoracic nerve (from 7th cervical nerve)
Blood Supply
Deep cervical, dorsal, vertebral, and intercostal arteries.
Retail Cuts
Beef Rib Roast, Beef Rib Steak, Beef Chuck Arm Pot Roast, Beef Chuck Arm Pot Roast Boneless, Beef Chuck Arm Steak, Beef Chuck Arm Steak Boneless, Beef Chuck Blade Roast, Beef Chuck Blade Steak Beef Chuck 7-Bone Pot Roast, Beef Chuck 7-Bone Steak, Beef Chuck Under Blade Pot Roast, Beef Chuck Under Blade Pot Roast Boneless, Beef Chuck Under Blade Steak, Beef Chuck Under Blade Steak Boneless, Beef Chuck Roll
L* : 39.64
a* : 31.42
b* : 24.61
Pgment Conc. (Heme Iron) : 24.33
Processing Characteristics
Fat : 122.1
Moisture : 687.7
Protein : 180
Ash : 10.2
Shear Force
Dry : 8.4lbs
Moist : 9.2lbs
Connective tissue amount
Dry : Slight amount
Moist : Traces amount
Flavor intensity
Dry : Moderately intense
Moist : Moderately intense
Dry : Moderately juicy
Moist : Moderately juicy
Tenderness - Panel Scores for Tenderness (8 point scale)
Dry : 6
Moist : 6.47
Evaluated Tenderness
Dry : Moderately tender
Moist : Moderately tender