Pectoralis superficialis
Common Name
Web, Brisket Point, Deckle, Superficial pectoral
Whole Sale Section
Consists of an anterior and posterior portion Anterior: The cariniform cartilage of the sternum. Posterior: (1) The ventral edge of the sternum as far back as the sixth cartilage; (2) a fiberous raph'e common to the two muscles
Anterior: (1) The deltoid tuberosity and crest of the humerus with the brachiocephalicus; (2) the fascia of the arm. Posterior: (1) The fascia on the proximal third of the forearm; (2) the curved line of the humerus with the brachiocephalicus.
Adducts limb; protracts and retracts limb; draws trunk sideways.
Anterior pectoral nerves (from 7th and 8th cervical nerves)
Blood Supply
Internal and external thoracic, inferior cervical, anterior circumflex, and intercostal arteries.
Retail Cuts
Beef Brisket Point Cut Boneless
L* : 44.09
a* : 28.1
b* : 20.78
Pgment Conc. (Heme Iron) : 20.15
Processing Characteristics
Fat : 106.6
Moisture : 697.9
Protein : 187.5
Ash : 11
Shear Force
Dry : 9.6lbs
Moist : 10.5lbs
Connective tissue amount
Dry : Slightly intense
Moist : Slightly abundant
Flavor intensity
Dry : Slightly intense
Moist : Slightly intense
Dry : Slightly juicy
Moist : Moderately juicy
Tenderness - Panel Scores for Tenderness (8 point scale)
Dry : 3.81
Moist : 4.25
Evaluated Tenderness
Dry : Moderately tough
Moist : Slightly tough