When citing this for a journal arcticle, please use the following citation: Jones, S.J., Guru, A., Singh, V., Carpenter, B., Calkins, C.R., and Johnson, D. 2004. Bovine Myology and Muscle Profiling. Available: http://bovine.unl.edu


University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Animal Science Department

Dr. Steven Jones
Dr. Chris Calkins
Bryan Carpenter
Renee Minary
Ryan Brewster
Kathryn Whiting
Jennifer Sherrill

University of Florida
Animal Science Department
Gainesville, FL

Dr. Dwain Johnson

University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Distributed Environments for Active Learning

Dr. Ashu Guru
Vishal Singh
Djuka Selendic
Nino Kapetanovic

Bucky Gwartney, Ph.D.
International Marketing Specialist
U.S. Department of Agriculture, AMS
1400 Independence Ave., SW, Rm. 2606-S
Washington DC 20250
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This project was funded by The Beef Checkoff

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to The Beef Checkoff
Bridget Wasser
Executive Director, Meat Science & Technology
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E-mail: bwasser@beef.org

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Muscling Profiling Data was funded by the The Beef Checkoff and the research was performed by Dr. Chris Calkins at the University of Nebraska and Dr. Dwain Johnson at the University of Florida.


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